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Down Under Textiles is Australia’s latest and most-exciting magazine for textile enthusiasts. Whether you’re inspired by wet felting, needle felting, embellishing, print making, lino printing or whatever – DUT will show you how to add texture and dimension to your work. Discover how to use Lutradur, Angelina Fibres, decolurants, fabric paints, fibres, threads, yarns, foils and much more..

When will I get my first magazine?
Your subscription will commence with the next available issue. In the case of a bi-monthly magazine (one that is published every two months) it could be seven and eight weeks before you receive your first magazine.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?
No, we won’t keep renewing your subscription automatically — instead we will write to you when your subscription is due for renewal and ask if you wish to renew. Please note that we need to receive your renewal before your last issue is due on sale. Late renewal may mean that you miss out on the next issue.

Delivery times?
We endeavour to have your subscription copy delivered to you before the on sale date. However, due to postal logistics and the size of the country we do not guarantee that this will always be the case. DELIVERY TIMES WILL VARY. Sometimes the magazines may be in your local store before you have received your copy. Your patience and understanding with regard to this matter is appreciated.

Please ensure that we have your correct address details and telephone number for our records.

Can you download digital editions?
See our new digital editions page where you can purchase a subscription that can be downloaded and viewed on the device of your choice.

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